Getting neighbours to fix spoilt bikes

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First appearing in Straits Times newspaper Oct 20, 2013: “In a Singapore where many cry out for more social services, a lone voice in the wilderness is crying out for …

Beyond just an act of social service

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In Straits Times newspaper Feb 23, 2017: “In fast-paced Singapore, there are those in need – and those who take up the cudgels on their behalf. This is the fifth …

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Competent Communities Overview

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Authors: Gerard Ee, Kokila Annamalai, Samuel Tang Renewing our focus on bringing together people from different walks of life and empowering them requires us to reframe our role from professional …

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Activating Local Community

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Author(s): Samuel Tang, Gerard Ee for publication in “Mobilising Diverse Community Assets to meet Social Needs” IPS Exchange Series (2017) 12: 104-122 This article outlines the reasons and approach that …

Another Week Beyond – 1740

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A group of volunteers started out with a simple question, “What if we could take a group of less privileged kids and have them feel so special and experience so …