Children and Young Persons Act

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Author: Beyond Social Services

In 2010, Beyond published a report on recommendations that should be incorporated into the proposed amendments of the Children and Young Persons Act. It focused on the inconsistencies present throughout the sections of the bill and aspects that should be added into it. For example, in regards to the New Section 8A, Beyond notices that it gives more power to executives concerning the need for child protection and should thus be questioned and made more specific.

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Round two of feedback of the Children and Young Persons Act then looked at the amended bill that was introduced during the parliamentary session. It focused on areas in which are ideas were taken into consideration, areas in which improvement should still be made, and new areas that were added and should be revised. Overall, the efforts of Beyond’s advocacy emphasised how weaknesses in our child protection system lie in the inability of the state, the families, the communities and voluntary work organisations to work together towards a vision.