What Does “Self-Care” Look Like to the Lower Income in Singapore?

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In Rice Media October 30th, 2019:

“For these women who come from the lower-income community, self-care is Whampoa Drive, friendship, walks in the park, spending time with children, sitting at the void deck after their family has fallen asleep in order to listen to music in peace, and 10 minutes spent drinking tea (or sometimes five).”

This features the experiences of lower-income women in Singapore, the options they have for self-care, and the ways they care for each other.

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Attaining New Baking Skills: Turning Lives arounds at Beyond

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In Lianhe Zaobao newspaper November 26, 2019:

“In five years, not only has Yashmin moved from the shelter to a rental flat, she has also met her husband, who also volunteered with Beyond Social Services. At the same time, she organises baking workshops and receives many orders on festive days.”

This article features Bakers’ Beyond new training space at Blk 75 Whampoa Drive. The space was designed by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s “etc.lab” and will give more mothers an opportunity to generate some income for their families, meet new friends and develop their skills.

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Youth theatre festival takes hard look at poverty in Singapore

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In The Straits Times newspaper July 23, 2019:

“There are many misconceptions about poverty in Singapore: that people are poor because they are lazy, or that there is no such thing as poverty in the island state.

A youth theatre festival at the Esplanade now seeks to counter these beliefs by delving into the issue of poverty with a slate of shows borne from over a year of research.”

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Ground-Up Efforts at Community Development in Singapore

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The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) organised a workshop to showcase findings from two case studies conducted by IPS on organisations that adopt ground-up approaches to community building: Beyond Social Services and ArtsWok Collaborative.

The discussion covered topics of impact measurement, participatory processes and the role of the government.

In concluding the workshop, Mr Gerard Ee highlighted that the communities and networks people are part of contribute significantly to their well-being.

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Beyond Social Services volunteer plays the role of ‘neighbourhood’ mother.

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In Berita Harian newspaper, May 20, 2019:

In addition to carrying out her responsibilities as a mother of five, Ms. Suraiyah Mohamed Ghaus also shows concern and affection for other children in her neighborhood at Jalan Tenteram, such that they call her ‘Ibu GG’. She has been a neighbourhood leader with Beyond Social Services
for 12 years and has forged close ties with her neighbours.

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