Our Model

We start by discovering the aspirations, concerns, and wisdom of residents living in public rental housing neighbourhoods. Then we bring together residents, volunteers and other stakeholders to appreciate each other’s lived experiences.
Our Model for Competent Communities

From there, we explore what people are willing to do and how they can cooperate for the well-being of children and others in the neighbourhood. Eventually, residents take ownership of their efforts, which facilitate crime-free living, education and employment, family stability and growing social capital.

This participatory approach promotes a sense of solidarity among people from different backgrounds. Care is the result of a community striving to be more cohesive and inclusive.

When people from different walks of life begin looking out for each other, they create a caring neighbourhood where children and youths experience a sense of belonging, confidence and pride that strengthens their resilience against negative influences.

In the context of Singapore’s significant income disparity, we are closing the social divide by facilitating co-operation and friendships across different segments of society.