Our Programmes

To bring about neighbourhoods that look out for children and youth, Beyond focuses on 3 thrusts:

  1. Help young people and their families help themselves,
  2. Encourage mutual support among neighbours, and,
  3. Facilitate support from the wider community
Helping Young People and Their Families Help Themselves

A Culture of Learning and Education

We facilitate the active participation of children, youth and their families in educational activities, an important social leveller. The young people also participated in enrichment activities that enabled them to discover their interests, talents and motivation to learn.

A Culture of Employment

We upskill and bridge parents and caregivers to opportunities and resources that best suit their strengths and circumstances. This leads them to participate in the economy more meaningfully, increases their finances and enables them to better meet the needs of their children and household.

Family Competence in Resolving Difficulties

We supported overstressed and under supported families to address their challenges with the help of their relatives, friends and volunteers. We also connected them to resources and enhanced family stability by focusing on:

  1. Family relationships
  2. Financial security
  3. Community support

A Restorative Climate Within the Neighbourhoods We Work In

We foster neighbourhoods that take a restorative approach towards young offenders and families with multiple problems. This requires us to build capability among residents who stepp up to the role of a Neighbourhood Leader. As Neighbourhood Leaders come together to tackle shared challenges and organise themselves for meaningful efforts, we tap on their wisdom, compassion and generosity to heal conflict and foster a sense of belonging and neighbourhood pride.

Youth Develop A Greater Sense of Social Responsibility

We nurture a sense of social consciousness in young people through youth-led projects that resonate with their interests, aspirations and values. We mobilise local youths who bring sports and theatre initiatives to life in their neighbourhoods. They are also involved in sorting and distributing gifts to their neighbours and decorating homes during festive seasons. To encourage youth leadership, we bring together active youth volunteers from across different rental flat neighbourhoods to exchange ideas, stories and inspiration for positive change.


A Whole-of-Society Approach to Reducing Inequality

We work closely with volunteers, civil society and government bodies to co-create a nurturing environment where young people can grow to be contributing members of society. These partnerships bring in creativity, energy and resources to strengthen the efforts of our neighbourhoods. Importantly, our efforts bring people from diverse backgrounds together in friendship and cooperation toward a common good. In this way, we create the mutual understanding needed to close the social divide and foster a compassionate society.