The Singapore Youth Resilience Survey ©: A secondary school pilot study
  Author: Seah Pei Kwang (2010), Beyond Social Services 
          With special thanks to our partners Black Box Research (Singapore)

This survey acts as a forerunner to the Singapore Youth Resilience Survey (SYRS), initiated by Beyond Social Services.  The pilot study - using a quantitative questionnaire- measures resiliency within an entire secondary school in Singapore, comprising of 672 students in total. It proceeds to analyse the findings and recommends a number of inclusive measures that can be put in place that further builds upon existing strengths and resources of the school. The study is based on the Circle of Courage framework developed by Reclaiming Youth International (USA). The model rests on the understanding that resilience can be nurtured by attending to four basic universal needs of young people: belonging, mastery, generosity and independence. It is intended to allow caregivers, school staff, and other helping professionals understand what factors come together to make Singapore’s youth resilient.  In particular, it puts schools in a better position to engage students at an individual or group level.

This school survey has been partially funded by a National Youth Council (NYC) Research Grant.