Peer Learning Circles Programme Evaluation

In Resources by Beyond Research

Peer Learning Circles are self-directed, peer learning groups, supported by a community circle made up of volunteer tutors who provide academic resources and learning guidance to children and youth in our community.

A study was conducted by Blackbox between children who had attended this learning programme (treatment group) vs children who did not (control group). Students who were part of this programme expressed a strong interest in learning, digital literacy, and recorded improvements in math and science. They also had better relationships with their teachers, parents and peers.

The programme has helped to improve the children’s confidence levels, leading to greater success in their academic pursuits, with many children showing significant improvements in their grades. Additionally, the programme has facilitated the development of social capital among the children as they built strong relationships with their peers and the volunteers.

The positive influence of their peers and the volunteers who have been role models to them has helped foster a sense of ambition and aspiration among the children, many of whom now see themselves as capable of attending university in the future.

Read the report here.